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Upward Bound

Maxine Hutchinson Fordham
Employee Position Title: Mentor/Assistant Bus Driver
E-mail: Maxine.Fordham@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Georgie Edwina Glover
Employee Position Title: Admin Spec, Upward Bound
Office Address: Building 1100, Room 133A
PO Box 261966
2050 Hwy 501 East
Conway, SC 29528
Office Telephone: 843 3497843
E-mail: Georgie.Glover@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Eunice Lee Hasty
Employee Position Title: Bus Driver
E-mail: Eunice.Hasty@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Treva Renea Johnson
Employee Position Title: Instructor
E-mail: Treva.Johnson@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Virginia Langley
Employee Position Title: Instructor
E-mail: Virginia.Langley@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Carlos M Parker
Employee Position Title: Counselor/Coord Upward Bound
Office Address: Building 1100 Room 133B
2050 Hwy 501 E
PO Box 261966
Conway, SC 29526
Office Telephone: 843 3493638
E-mail: Carlos.Parker@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Lenetta J Southern
Employee Position Title: Instructor
E-mail: Lenetta.Southern@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Patricia A Vereen
Employee Position Title: Assistant Bus Driver
E-mail: Patricia.Vereene@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

USDA Forest Service

Jack Hogan Fair (Jack)
Employee Position Title: USDA Francis Marion NF
E-mail: Jack.Fair@hgtc.edu (Preferred)

Brittanie Ann Jones
Employee Position Title: USFS - Francis Marion NF
E-mail: Brittanie.Jones@hgtc.edu (Preferred)
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